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Jilin JAI Cultural Arts Group Co., Ltd. (shorted as JAI Cultural Arts Group) was founded in 2008, is a cultural and creative industry-led international enterprise group. Relying on the strong talent support system of the whole industrial chain of cultural and creative industry of Jilin Animation Institute (JAI), the group promotes the interaction...


JAI Culture Arts Group business owns six big business groups: the film and television business group, IP business group, Interactive entertainment business group, “Himaker” business group, entertainment business group, creative production business group and so on. Each group has independent operation management and interaction development to realize the fusion of "art, technology, culture and market".

Himaker Business

“Himaker” Business Group follows the principles of “Advantageous Agglomeration, Integration of Education, Research and Industry, Combination of Online and Offline”. “Himaker”,as the main carrier, taking cultural and creative service and cultural and creative innovation as the leading industries, and the major projects and key enterprises of cultural and creative industries as important bases, “Himaker” Business Group of JAI Cultural Arts Group has established the first global youth innovation and entrepreneurship O2O“Himaker” service platform which takes full advantages of the “Integration Advantages of Research and Industry”.

Interactive Entertainment Business

Interactive Entertainment Business Group is an Internet entertainment business group, based on the Internet and centered with the technology research and development production, marketing operations and other business of digital entertainment products,. Interactive Entertainment Business Group is committed to building high-quality Internet products with independent intellectual property rights. With the main concept of “high-tech creative products”, the core culture of products is based on “creative + technology + internet”, highlighting the characteristics concept of "personalized, family, life, folk customs, entertainment, international ". Facing with Internet and the users, it constantly develops high-quality products with strong market potential, and strive to forge ahead and enhance their own brands in the increasingly fierce market competition.

Entertainment Business

Entertainment business group is JAI Culture Arts Group’s new forms of operation in the cultural industry, it around the three intellectual development of "intelligence, wisdom, smart", as well as "build family culture, building a clan culture" at the core of the concept, with "Internet +" pattern, depth of fusion "education+ culture + technology + entertainment", to "ready to teach" and "right brain development" as the lead, build harmony culture creative incubation, interactive experience, consumer entertainment, business innovation, industry agglomeration in the integration of new market system.

Intellectual Property Business

IP Business group is a branch of JAI Culture Arts Group. Relying on Jilin Animation Institute, it builds an IP ecological chain of the whole industry, which takes IP as the core and links IP originality, transaction, incubation, transformation and operation. With the IP ecological chain as the axis, it links animation, film and television, game, design and other cultural and creative industries, integrates capital, and creates a "pan-entertainment" Chinese IP industry platform from an international perspective.

Creative CreativeProduction Business

Creative CreativeProduction business group is guided by JAI Culture Arts Group’s strategic layout, which focuses on the development of animation film production, animation series, media content production and broadcasting, film and television special effects production, game development and art business, marketing of the cultural brand, and the creative production of the cultural arts industry project. With JAI Culture Arts Group as the backing, to take professional and technical advantages of JAI, with coordinated development mechanism to lead a high quality, high efficiency, high level of professional creative content production team, to service the culture art development demand, produce high quality works, be creative content development and production leading role.

Film and Television Business

Film and Television Business Group focuses on the market strategy of“emphasizing the market, insisting on original creation, developing Chinese culture, building an international and cultural product brand”. It has international vision and Internet mind to build market-based cross-industrial complete film and television industry chain from art imagination to brand trademark and from production supply to integrated marketing.

Jilin Creative Industry
Park of Animation,
Comics & Games

Jilin Creative Industry Park of Animation,Comics & Games was approved by the People's Government of Jilin Province in 2007 and built in Jilin Animation College. It was built and put into use in September 2009. Now the management organization is Jilin Wenchuang Animation and Game Industrial Park Management Co., Ltd. The Industrial Park has successively won the titles of "Jilin Provincial Key Cultural Industry Park"...