Business AreaCovering all fields of Literary and Creative Industries

Himaker Business Group

“Himaker” Business Group centering on the core culture of "innovation, creativity, excellence and entrepreneurship", “Himaker” Business Group fully mobilize entrepreneurial resources, tap entrepreneurial talents and teams, and promote “joint entrepreneurship and integrated development” of college students and society.The Group established a comprehensive system and service system for innovation and entrepreneurship, and establish an open platform for mutual innovation and capital in terms of transformation services, technology and equipment services, and resource docking services.

As the core product, "College Students Digital Product Entrepreneurship Platform" focuses on the construction of college students' creative creation, copyright protection of digital works, project mutual innovation and cooperation, as well as the creation of college students' employment and entrepreneurship platform, releases the new driving force of digital products and digital platforms to promote the interconnection of alumni, student, school and social resources.

Interactive Entertainment Business Group

Based on the Internet, the Interactive Entertainment Business Group focuses on the national cultural digital strategy, strengthen the integration and innovation development of artistic creation and technology, and focuses on the research and development of new technologies such as digital technology, film and television special effects, AI technology, VR technology, graphics engine and meta-universe,etc. With the core concept of "high-tech creative products", the company is committed to creating high-quality digital cultural products with independent intellectual property rights and "technology + art + creativity" which highlight the characteristic concept of "Personal, Family, Life, Folklore, Entertainment and Internationalization", and special digital interactive entertainment products to help the development of digital culture industry and cultural communication.

Driven by market, technology and innovation, the Interactive Entertainment Business Group promotes the comprehensive integration of JAI technology R&D products in the fields of "education, culture, art, technology, market and consumption",and the establishment of entrepreneurial teams between teachers and students to achieve the comprehensive integration and collaborative development of talent chain, professional chain, entrepreneurial chain, industrial chain and technology chain from game creativity, production, operation, brand to product system.

Entertainment Business Group

Entertainment Business Group is a new type of cultural business created by JAI Cultural Arts Group. Adhering to the core concept of "building youth culture and family culture inheritance" and "building and forging family culture", JAI Cultural Arts Group aims to layout a new youth market consumption system integrating interactive experience, consumption entertainment, innovation and entrepreneurship, and industrial assembly.

The Group focuses on the cultural industry innovation, family culture shape, education system creation and the interaction of science and technology experience, building seven systems of cinema group,family culture group, dragon & phoenix business group, family interest education group, interactive experience of science and technology group, female beauty design group, theme restaurant group.

We should give full play to our respective strengths and characteristics, realize the integration and innovation of cultural business forms, and create an emerging consumption mode that integrates "individual consumption, family consumption, cultural consumption, education consumption and scientific and technological consumption", so as to realize the in-depth integration of cultural industry and business.

IP Business group

IP Business Group takes IP ecological chain as the core, linking animation, film and television, games, virtual reality, design and other cultural and creative industries, and focusing on the output of head content around "IP assembled, user value, platform operation" to obtain commercial value in IP trading and transformation. The original cartoon platform, cartoon creative workshop, and the practical teaching platform are the fulcrums of the project. The project is based on comprehensive market transformation, diversified channels as the project carrier, project system as the cooperation basis, and mobile Internet to cultivate and transform star IP, release fully market-oriented original and operational projects in the face of practical teaching platform, activate innovation and entrepreneurship, realize joint entrepreneurship and integrated development, and build a multi-dimensional pan-entertainment and cultural consumption form with mass influence.

Creative CreativeProduction Business Group

Creative Production Business Group focuses on the creative production of cultural and artistic industry projects such as animation film production, animation series, all-media content production and communication, film and television special effects production, game development and art business, cultural brand marketing communication and promotion.

It has developed into one of the largest and most comprehensive film and television animation production companies in China based on 3D animation, film and television special effects and physical special effects production system, with high-end technology research and development as the core and guaranteed by project management mechanism and mature production system.

Based on JAI Cultural Arts Group and taking professional and technical advantages of JAI, the Group has a collaborative development mechanism and leads a high-quality, efficient and high-level professional creative content production team composed of international experts, high-end technical directors of film and television animation and more than 100 middle and high-end production personnel to serve the development needs of the cultural and artistic field, producing high-quality works, and become the leader of creative content development and production.

Film and Television Business Group

Taking original film and television as the core, Film and Television Business Group integrate film and television project planning and management, animation creation, film creation, television and new media creation, film and television post service, film and television publicity and distribution, artist management, derivative product development and sales as one of the complete film and television industry chain, which achieved a full coverage of the field of film and television business.

Film and Television Business Group has completed the production and distribution of the 3D serial animated film “Frog Kingdom”(1-4), The Game of Dream,Dragon Inn and is currently engaged in the creation and production of mountain and sea themed films, animated films Zap's Last Stand, Freya, and Zootopia. The group have won many well-known domestic awards such as "National Five One Engineer Award", "Chinese Culture and Art Government Award", "The 8th Asia-Pacific Film Festival", "Chinese Animation Film Tianma Cup", "Chinese Animation Monkey King Award" and other domestically well-known awards.